• Katie

Romantic Wedding at The Cincinnati Art Museum

When I first met Jasmine, I was 6 months pregnant with Memphis. I didn't know he was a boy at the time (we didn't find out the gender of either of them until they were born -- I highly recommend this, and I will talk your ear off about it if you ever ask me). Jasmine is also a BOY mom, and after meeting with her and talking to her about her sons, I felt excited about the possibility of having two boys -- and them being brothers! She guessed that the babe in my belly was a boy, and turns out she was right!

Jasmine had BIG dreams for her wedding. Like the BIGGEST dreams I have ever been asked to do. How lucky am I that she trusted us with her vision to create a giant flower wall!

There was SO much prep work for this, like way more than I could have anticipated. When you are doing a wedding at The Cincinnati Art Museum, you have from the time they close (4pm) until the time guests arrive (5:15pm) to get it done!! All I cared about was that we could have the wall 99% ready to go, and only have to add the 8'x8' gold frame on site.

Things were going great, we hired someone with a giant truck to come pick up the wall and transport it for us. My handy hubby was with me, tools in hand ready to go at the museum 3:59pm. AND THEN...

We got stuck in the elevator. For 12 of the LONGEST minutes of my life. Up and down and up and down, the poor girl operating it, "I'm just an unpaid intern, I'm sorry I don't know what I'm doing". As I was literally going to throw up. (And I’m not even claustraphobic, that would be Mar!)

So, apart the wall came, and down the stairs we went. As you can see from the pictures, all was right.. as it always is! Jasmine looked like a queen, and Terry and his groomsmen looked amazing. They hired Heidi from 44th and Luxe Events who did a stellar job keeping me calm during the elevator incident. I also need to highly recommend Clear Lighting as he did an amazing job lighting the ceremony space and then the centerpiece, and it truly makes such a difference!

Now check out these beautiful images from Anastasia of Chapel Lane Photography